Time For Music

Music Dance & Arts

Musikgarten Programmes

Family Music For Babies (ages newborn - 16 months)

Bonds the child and parent/caregiver

Introduces playful musical activities

-          Bouncing and rocking songs

-          Wiggle and peek-a-boo games

-          Singing, dancing and moving


Nurtures a bond of love and security

Increases child’s curiosity about music

Develops child’s listening skills and sense of flow and beat through movement

Provides model for both parent/caregiver and child



 Family Music For Toddlers (ages 16 months - 4 years) 

Once babies start walking, everything changes.

-          Children explore and experiment with the world of sound more              on their own.

-          These “learners in constant motion” get to sing, chant, move, dance, listen and play simple instruments.

Stimulates musical interaction between child and parent.


Channels toddler’s energy productively

Facilitates expression of feelings

Assists memory through repetition

Develops further musical aptitude and focused listening


Cycle of Seasons (ages 4 - 6 years)

Musical celebration of the four seasons

-          Activities build on the child’s growing independence and competencies

Nurtures three year olds' ability to use language

-          Capitalizes on the child's delight in dramatic play within the musical context
Lessons include songs, movement activities, exploration of instruments and imaginative stories for children to make their own.

Enhances moving, singing and talking skills
Develops listening, focused attention and self-expression skills
Taps into the child's vivid imagination
Lays foundation for creative development via story-telling and play-dance response to poetry


Music Makers : At the Keyboard (ages 6 - 9 years) 

3-year method for groups of young beginners
-  Features a variety of activities which lay the foundation for success at the keyboard.
-  Builds on songs children have come to love
-  Aural approach to music literacy provides a natural pathway to reading
-  Approaches music reading both aurally and visually
-  Introduces much-loved piano repertoire
-  Improves ability to read and play with fluency
-  Further challenges the child to acquire and master more technical skills
-  Involves the child in a carefully sequenced program of improvisation

Develops comprehensive musicianship at the keyboard
Builds self-discipline and cooperation
                                                           Challenges the child to multi-track and helps with concentration




Introduction to Keyboard  : I - MMKB ( 5.5  - 6 years )

Suitable for children from age 5 and half to 6 years. It is an excellent way to both (a) attract new families to the Keyboard program and (b) to delay parents and children who want to rush into the Music Makers: at the Keyboard class too soon. From a technical perspective, I-MMKB will lay a good foundation for the children who will be attending MMKB Year 1. 

Capitalizes on the children's love of active music-making through singing games, drumming activites, and dancing 

Engages children in the delightful framework of making music with their peers!

Focuses on nurturing the children's music aptitude, while teaching them keyboard skills at an appropriate pace

Includes a fun workbook and a delightful CD with tracks for echoing, drumming, dancing and singing.